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Beach Rugby Varna 2009

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Rugby in Varna

The first rugby match was played in Varna in 1964 between Lokomo -
tiv (Sf) and champion of Yugoslavia "Zmay. That same year, with the 
enthusiasm of Prof. Ivan Ivanov and Lisichkov Happen to section and team
FSFD "Black Sea", in which the distribution of mine-sports
watts to Residential "Spartacus." This team was national champion six
times and four times winner of the Cup of Bulgaria.
The grounds -
reference section of the coach has always been Ivan Ivanov
as during the postgraduate studies for a year was replaced by Stoyan
Professor Vladimir Lisichkov was the first president of the rugby club.
Other presidents over the years are:
Prof. Plamen Handzhiyski gene. Director of Transstroy;
Dimitar Hristov gene. Director of Transstroy;
Mr. Petar Stefanov Director of WCT - Varna;
Georgi Botev gene. Director of Electron - Varna;
Mr. Dimo Georgiev businessman;
Eng-Zheko Zhekov Executive - Director of "Elektron" - Varna;
Dr. Yanko Stanev mayor of district "Vladislavovo;
Prof. Rosen Koleliev Director of Roads and Bridges "- Varna;
Mr. Marian Valchev Director of DZI Bank.
The President is now k Eng. e. pp. Danail Papazov.
As a senior professor of Physical Education in Higher medical institu -
DG institutes in 1973. Ivan Ivanov club creates Medic. At that time
He is the only functioning student club and second in historic
abatement of Bulgarian sport after rugby VIF "Georgi Dimitrov". Students
train with the men's team at Residential "Spartacus", combining academic
training with intensive training. They build lasting relationships with you -
sshiya Medical Institute in Odessa Medical Institute in Bucharest,
Engineering and construction universtet Architecture in Bucharest, which
Meetings take place on sharing. Arrived in Varna and the mixed team of
Romanian students, led by Professor Padoryanu.
After the carried -
out the contacts with the Medical Institute of Louis Pasteur (France)
of Medic guest mixed team of French studenti.Studentite participate in
meetings with international control "Konstrukturul Bucharest (second team)
and Lokomotiv (Zagreb).
Financial considerations medics insist on
participation in national competitions during visits to play two matches.
Since the Federation does not agree,
Students play only a purchase of Bulgaria, in 1980 became
quarters. From 1977 until late captain of the team is Dr. Zlatarski. Through
In 1983 most of the major players end because enough recruits lipva
team stops functioning.
As a center of Varna sport rugby players continuously gives the men's
national team.
Children and youth teams to the club regularly
win cups and medals from national competitions. Following the withdrawal of
Ivan Ivanov of active coaching rugby sport activities in Varna West and the
club is closed.
Seven years later (2000), as proposed
Mr. Kiril Yordanov, Mayor of Varna has established a new club, which is
OSK to include "Residential-Spartak. Head coach of the team is Plamen Kirov.
SKR 5 years of Varna is an associate member of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.
At the initiative of Dr. Ivan Ivanov and Zlatarski recently created and
International initiative with the Association of rugby center of Varna.
Her boss is the people's representative from NMS Anelia Atanasova. From
2 years of work and child Rugby Academy, a school in Varna "Cap. Petko Voyvoda
director with Ms. Alexandrina Velichkova
was opened first in Bulgaria boarding class rugby
class leader, Ms Katja Karova

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